Welcome to science led haircare

At PM Laboratories, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovative hair and scalp solutions. With a strong foundation built on the expertise of leading Trichologist Eva Proudman FIT IAT and multi-award-winning cosmetic scientist Tony Maleedy MIT MSCS, our company is dedicated to transforming the way you care for your hair and scalp.

We believe that every individual deserves to experience the confidence and joy that comes with healthy, vibrant hair. Whether you’re looking for solutions to address hair loss, scalp disorders, or simply seeking to maintain optimal hair and scalp health, our carefully curated range of products is designed to deliver exceptional results.


Clinically developed and backed by the latest scientific research, Tricotain is a complex mixture of powerful antioxidants and free radical scavengers formulated to neutralise and prevent the oxidative stress and destructive free radicals that cause hair loss.

Designed to penetrate deep into the root of the hair follicle, Tricotain fights the damaging oxidative stress around the dermal papilla.

Tricotain maintains the health of the hair follicles, reduces inflammation, and ensures your scalp is in optimum condition for new hair growth.


Professional Trichological Treatments


The TricoPro products have been formulated for professional Trichological use. They are made to the highest standard, using only the finest quality ingredients to British Pharmacopoeia standard or equivalent.

Available under the TricoPro brand or as a ‘white’ label, these products allow you, as a Trichologist, to market and apply your own branding.

TricoPro Professional Trichological Treatments