Meet the team

PM Laboratories Team

With decades of combined experience and knowledge of the intricate relationship between hair and the scalp, PM Laboratories create exceptional products that address the unique needs and challenges faced by individuals seeking to prevent hair loss.

PM Laboratories are at the forefront of innovative, scientifically formulated trichological solutions, transforming the way people care for their hair and scalp.

Eva Proudman FIT IAT
Co-founder of PM Laboratories

PM Laboratories co-founder Eva Proudman FIT IAT is an esteemed clinical Trichologist renowned for her expertise in hair and scalp health. With an impressive career spanning over 20 years, Eva has made significant contributions to the field through her research, leadership, and commitment to patient care.

Eva Proudman’s passion for trichology led her to become the Chair of the Institute of Trichologists, a prestigious position she held with distinction. In this role, she provided invaluable guidance and support to fellow trichologists, championing professional excellence and education, while promoting advancements within the industry.

Recognised as a leading authority, Eva’s expertise extends beyond her clinical work. The Discovery Plus docuseries, ‘The Hair Loss Clinic,’ showcased her profound knowledge and compassionate approach to a global audience. Through her appearances on the show, Eva has further solidified her position as a trusted expert in the field of trichology.

Eva’s dedication to advancing the understanding of hair and scalp health has earned her widespread acclaim. Her research contributions, coupled with her commitment to patient education, have made a significant impact on individuals seeking effective solutions for their hair and scalp concerns.

As a founding member of PM Laboratories, Eva Proudman’s expertise and leadership are instrumental in shaping our vision. Her profound understanding of trichology and unwavering commitment to scientific integrity ensure that our products are of the highest quality, delivering exceptional results for our customers.

Tony Maleedy MIT MSCS
Co-founder of PM Laboratories

Tony Maleedy MIT is a highly respected Trichologist and award-winning cosmetic scientist, dedicating his career to developing innovative solutions that combine scientific expertise with a deep understanding of individual needs.

Tony is a member and former governor of the Institute of Trichologists, and a valued member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists, contributing his extensive knowledge to further advancements in cosmetic science. As a consultant to the Remington Corporation, Tony helped develop many of their most successful brands.

Before becoming a cosmetic scientist, Tony worked as a Trichologist for over twenty-five years in London, New York, and Manchester, treating thousands of people with hair, scalp, and hair loss disorders, including celebrities and members of the Royal Family.

With extensive experience in both trichology and cosmetic science, Tony Maleedy brings a unique perspective to his work. This synergistic blend of expertise enables him to develop cutting-edge formulations that address a wide range of hair and scalp concerns, ensuring that his products deliver exceptional results. His innovative approach has resulted in numerous award-winning hair products & formulations that have catered to a wide range of brands and customer needs.

As a co-founder of PM Laboratories, Tony Maleedy’s vision for innovation and his unwavering dedication to scientific excellence guide our mission to transform hair and scalp care. Through his expertise, we strive to provide our customers with scientifically advanced solutions that enhance the health, beauty, and confidence of their hair.

Steve Proudman
Co-founder of PM Laboratories

Completing the PM Laboratories senior management team, Steve Proudman is a much sought-after Operations Director with a wealth of project management experience spanning over 40 years.

As the logistical mastermind behind PM Laboratories, Steve’s methodical approach and forward-thinking mindset complement the creativity and scientific expertise of fellow co-founders Tony and Eva. Together, they ensure that our customers receive nothing less than an exceptional experience.

Steve possesses an innate ability to understand the diverse needs of both business and customers, translating these requirements into technical specifications that ensure the delivery of cost-effective, optimal solutions.

Having worked internationally across diverse industries, including engineering, IT, and the hair sector, Steve’s extensive experience with groundbreaking products and services continue to redefine industry standards.

Steve’s commitment and innovative approach to business leverage outstanding results for PM Laboratories and our clients.